Today is my birthday!

Today I have turned twenty years old, and along with it being a new year, new start and all that, getting that little bit older has definitely made me reflect on the decisions I have made as a person and thngs I have accomplished.
I was scared at first to no longer be in my teens, but I'm not sure why. Security maybe, but it's not as if everything has suddenly changed now I don't have teen in my age. I had a job at sixth form part time hen I was 17, and as soon as I left school I started paying rent, buying my own food, washing my own things. I think sometimes I like to try and hang onto being a teenager still because I'm scared of the future. But after the year I have had in 2012, and if I can replicate even a little of the extraordinary things I got to experience, then I would like to think that the future is exciting. Scary still, but exciting.

Navy blue Opulence Lace Tutu Prom Dress, c/o Rare
Silver Glitter Platform Heels, Garage Shoes - £15 (Similar HERE)
Silver Chandelier Drop Earrings, Primark - £5

James took me out somewhere fancy to eat yesterday and I wore this dress. Don't really think theres any words to describe this dress. It's just, WOW. And in person it's even more ridiclously beautiful. If you do happen to purchase a dress from RARE and there opulance range (take note ladies if you have proms coming up!) then I do suggest you size up. These are very tight fitting, well on the bust/back especially. It may be due to me having very broad shoulders and back however (or I just ate too much cheese and wine this christmas - my bad)

Alexander Mcqueen Esque Skull Ring Hard Clutch Bag, Ebay - £17.99( Other colours available!)
I also wore this clutch bag out but didn't picture it with the actual outfit. Its so beautiful, very Alexander Mcqueen!

Tonight however James and I are watching a shit loads of films and getting a pizza hut takeaway and I'm going to be in my onesie all day.

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