#24 Thrifty Thursday - Clique.

Hello everyone!
I'm so sorry for being so absent recently, there no real excuse I can give you - I'm a very bad blogger!
You know when you just feel so overwhelemed with stuff and it makes you feel quite poorly and just tired? Thats basicaly what it is! Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not claiming to be some super busy amazing person that works hard every day of the week. I just feel like sometimes life in general can get on top of me, and so taking a step back has honestly just given me much needed 'rest' I think I've just got a late case of the 'January Blues'
Most of you probably won't notice this absense as it wasn't really that long! I just always feel quite guilty when I haven't blogged, but I am back!

Patterned Monochrome Playsuit, Carboot - £1.50
Black Knit Beanie, Carboot - 50p
Alexander Wang Kirsten Tote Lookalike Bag, Ebay - £37.99
Biker Aviator Leaher Jacket, c/o Very.co.uk
Faux Jeffrey Campbell Spike Lita Lookalikes, c/o daisystreet
(yes, these are the BEST lookalikes ever!!!)

Turquoise & Silver Ring, Carboot - £1
Gypsy Head Ring, Carboot - £1.50 (Similar HERE)
Silver Snake Double Finger Ring, Ebay - £6.50

This outfit isn't amazingly interesting, I wore it to meadowhall the other day when James & I went to pick up a few things. I ended up feeling the worse I have felt the whole time I have been ill. I literally lasted an hour then we had to leave! Kinda sucks cause I got dressed up quite nicely for the first time in a while! I did pick up a new onesie from new look - I'm actually going to post about my onesies cause they're so cute. Probably not 'proper fashion blogger ettiquette', but I spend 80% of my time in Pyjamas!

Hope you guys are getting over the 'January blues!'
And I really hope you are all lovely!

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