Happy New Year - 2013

Happy New year Everyone!
Hope you all had a wonderful time :-) I spent it with a group of my closest friends on a night out and I really did love every second of it. I did feel a little ill later on though, don't think I can handle my drink as well as I used to (probably old age - I'm 20 in 4 days eek!)
Miss Selfridge asked a few of us bloggers to try and style up an outfit of our choice from their website, along with a few pieces of makeup from bourjois and hair products from label M - queue perfect timing for my New Years Party Ensemble!

Baby Pink Glitter Peplum Top, c/o Miss Selfridge
Cream Embellished Knicker Shorts, c/o Miss Selfridge
Jewelled Collar Necklace, c/o Miss Selfridge
Silver Glitter Platform Heels, Garage Shoes - £15 (Similar HERE)
Silver Ankle Bracelet, Gift

Now there were a few different options, and I chose pretty princess. It's not my usual *style* but as this was a challenge, I didn't want to just do what I usually do is style a black ensemble with some jewelery etc, as I alwaaaaays do that, and I have a million black dresses. The outfit I chose is completely different to anything I own!
Embellished shorts are my favourite thing, and I wanted to team it with this pretty glittery peplum with a sheer back. I wasn't sure if it would work or not in person, but it went down a treat. This collar jewel necklace was just to add a little touch too! I teamed it all with a pair of heels I got a little while ago from Garage shoes in meadowhall, down from £35 to £15! Perfect night out heels but VERY HIGH. Like, for real. I wear high shoes but these are on a whole other level. But for £15 I think I can let it slide. Plus I look about 100 ft in them, which for a 5ft girl is a dreeeam!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation in shade 58 'Dark Bronze'
Bourjois Flower Perfection Primer
Bourjois Rose Blush in 34 'Rose d'Or'
Bourjois Light Illuminating Eye Shadow (used as a highlighter on cheeks and nose)
Bourjois Kohl and Counter Shadow and Light in 12 'Gris & Petale'
Bourjois 32 Effet lipgloss in 51
Bourjois Lipstick Rouge Edition in 12 'Rose Neon'

The makeup that was sent along was very.. pink. The lipstick, is pretty out there in terms of colour, so I used a lip brush and just dabbed it on like a stain, and popped the lipgloss on top. The blush is gorgeous as its the perfect *princess pink* for an outfit like this! The highlighter added to the doll look aswell. There was a double sided kohl liner, one highlighter and one shadow. The i used the highlighter on my lower waterline which really made my eyes pop and the kohl liner i decided to use on my brows as it's not a dark black, and I usually fill them in with black shadow. But for this look I didn't want them to be too harsh! The mascara was actually amazing - I usually use a big brush on mascaras (my favourite is the collosal one by maybelline which I use everyday!) but this was perfect for the lower lashes. My favourite thing would have to be the primer though - seriously! I need a face primer and usually just use a little bit of urban decay primer potion on my problem areas (even though it's mostly just for eyes!) and it has now run out. I tried this primer from bourjois and I think I'm a convert! It smells lovely and is alot easier to get from the packaging than the primer potion :-)

Label M Shine Mist
Label M Extra Strong Mousse
Label M Hairspray

Label M is actually a really good brand and I religiously used their volumising mousse which I got in a look magazine goody bag when I attended their show two years ago (wow time flies!!) so was interested to use these! The mousse was so good for creating texture on hair when you've just washed it and it won't quite kee your curls in the right place. The shine mist was okay, wasn't amazing but made my hair look a little healthier and the hairspray was great as holding my hair!
Hope you enjoyed this post, and kind of 'get ready with me' styled post and thanks to miss selfridge for providing me with all these products to create my new years outfit! Check how to recreate the other looks and 'Pretty Princess' HERE!
I hope you all had a good one and have a lovely rest of the year :-)
I've actually had a few things happen at home recently so I may not blog for a little while, or answer emails and tweets as frequently. It kinda sucks, especially as it's all happened so near my birthday but I'll live. Thanks all so much lovelies <3

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