Enrapture Encode Totem Styler

Enrapture Encode Totem Styler, c/o Enrapture
Retails for £74.99 but is on sale for £48 on amazon here!

I was super duper lucky to have recieved this encode styler a little while back, and am officially a curler convert!

As you can see, my hair is usually just quite messy and wavy which happens to be my natural hair! Whenever I go out however I like to change it up, whether it be straightened or curled to the max. When I first opened the styler I was intrigued by the heat settings. The curler has 3 seperate parts, which you can seperately adjust the temperature. GENIUS.

Burgundy Rose Floral Crown, c/o Crown & Glory
CELINE Paris lookalike tee, Ebay - £7.49(mine was for christmas!)

Like seriously. I know I'm not a massive hair expert, but I've owned a few (quite low end and not very fancy mind you!) curlers in my time and never even thought of something like this! The setting I had on mine was 3-3-3, for maximum curls from top to bottom. For more of a natural looking wave, just switch to somethinglike 1-2-3, so it starts off loose and ends up tighter at the bottom.
I usually curl my hair with straighteners as I'm quite lazy, but the curls never really stay in for long. This heats up so quickly and is soooo hot all over that I am officially back to being a hair curler convert! Oh and the packaging is BEAUTIFUL. I know it's quite early to be talking about valentines day gifts, but if you have a lady in your life who loves all things hair related, this would definitely get you in her good books! ;-)

I decided to go for princess curls and pop my ever so loved crown and glory headband to finish it off!
Do you guys use hair curlers? And if you have one of these badboys what is your favourite setting? I'm excited to mix it up!

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