New York New York!

Hello all, hope you are well!
Felt like doing a whimsical kind of post today, and this outfit is just that. I can't seem to get over these gorgeous crowns from crown & glory, and wearing my ASOS bitten heels has made me pine for summer again *sigh*

Brown shirt and fishtail / waterfall dress, c/o nowistyle
Wine Floral Crown Headband c/o Crown and Glory
ASOS bitten platforms, gift (similar here!)
Titanium Quartz Triangle Necklace, c/o Tentative Decisions

This post is mainly to tell you about something really exciting I am apart of at the moment!
I have teamed up with Fashiolista, who have picked their favourite Bloggers from all over the world to be in with a chance to be sent to New York Fashion Week!


I'm currently going between 3rd and 4th place, which I am still very shocked by (and thank you if you have already voted for me!) It would literally mean the world to me so so so much! Even coming 2nd or 3rd wuld be amazing as there are runner up prizes! It feels crazy that I'm the only UK blogger in the running too against all these amazing other worldwide bloggers - feel very humbled that they see me as a good contender!

Another exciting thing which is apart of the prize is one of YOU could be coming with me! The winner gets to take one of their reads along to one of the shows - how exciting!

Let me know if you voted, I would love to thank you! Tweet me or comment etc and fingers crossed!
I would love for you to vote for me, or even just vote for your favourite to be honestthere are amazing bloggers taking part! But please do let me know and thank you ever so much in advance! you guys are the reason I was even picked to particpate in the first place, love to you all!
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