Aztec Cape.

I was throughly dissapointed with the sales this year. Not only did I drag poor James to boxing day sales early, but I walked away empty handed. The thing is, before I worked in retail for a bit, I always had the tradition with my mum to do the boxing day sales. We absolutely loved 'em, and was always something we did. As this was the first year I wasn't working in FOREVER, I hit them up. My mum wasn't feeling Meadowhall so we dropped her off in the city centre, but james was happy (okay, obliging) enough to pop along with me to meadowhall. We hit topshop which was awful. I saw the sale stuff during the night online (which is much better for sales stuff ANYWAY) and didn't like too much stuff. Plus, I kinda felt like now it was in the sale EVERYONE would be wearing it, so it felt a little like a Primark shop.

I then wen't to Lush and they'd ran out of everything (Lush shoppers are crazy) even though it was like 20 minutes after it had opened. Snow fairy was snapped up by everyone else so I was devastated. Urban Outfitters was alright I saw some nice Levi's, but the queue was ridic and I didn't want to put james through it.
Hey don't feel too sorry for him, he walked away with Black Ops 2. I however left with nothing (except a Greggs pasty)
My MUM on the other hand. Bloody hell, she might aswell run this blog, talk about bargain hunter ey.

She got me this Topshop Cape. Guess how much. Please guess.

Topshop Aztec / Tribal Cape, Topshop - £1 (sale)
Black knit dress, carboot- 50p (unseen)
Gold cross necklace c/o Eclectic Eccentricity
Triangle Hand Chain, c/o Eclectic Eccentricity
Faux Jeffrey Campbell Litas, c/o soyoushoes
Large circle sunglasses, ebay - £6.39

I can't believe it. Not just that topshop even HAD Something for a quid.. but the fact my mum spotted it? I came over all huffy and puffy to find this on her bed all for me. At first she didn't tell me where it was from or what it was. I thought maybe a bed throw or something but no. A GORGEOUS cape from Topshop, just £1 in the sale. She told me she just spotted the material all by itself hung up carlessly and she grabbed it just for me. It's comfy, It's warm and just so easy to throw on in the cold months. Well played mum, well played. I've had a little google and it retailed for £36.. actually very cheap as it is for topshop and for something so on trend! But you know, a £35 saving isn't too shabby, right?

Can I just say it is my birthday tomorrow?
I'm not mega in the mood, I'm quite excited now to be turning 20! I feel like it's going to be the start of my proper womanhoodm ya know, leaving the teenage years behind nd all that. We shall see though, my sister says I'll still act like a kid which I will!
Did you get anything exciting in the sales?
I shall be blogging some lovely things I got for my birthday/christmas soon, including some gorgeous shoes (eeeeeeeeeeee!) and I may do a post of a few snippets of things I got like smellies and jewellery!

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