How I Store My Makeup Brushes...

I'm not a massive makeup person, but I own a few makeup brushes which I use on quite a regular basis. As I don't have many I was thinking forever and ever just how I could hold them without them looking so bare.

We had this shell in our bathroom at home since I was little, and I think my mum picked it up at a charity shop (not a surprise!) and since I as allowed to pinch it, I knew I wanted to store my makeup brushes in them. But because it's quite low, and theres only a few brushes, they sat really weird. I was after some micro beads to put them in but could never find any, and was so lucky to come across this little jar of crystals / stones. It was complete luck and they were just 99p from Dunelm Mill! They are PERFECT. You sit your brushes in them and they sink in and don't budge.

Some of the brushes shown ..
Mini set of avon brushes, ebay - £2.99
Avon All Over Brush, Ebay - £4.20
Revlon Brow Shadow Brush (use this religiously!) - Ebay - £2.75
Avon Angled Brush, Ebay - £2.99
Avon Eyeshadow Brush, Ebay -£1.99
Lookalike'Eco Tool' brushes(so so so soft!), ebay - £3.23

This would work for pretty much any vintage bowl or cup you can find!
I really cannot find the exact stones that I have used or anything actually similar but you can get some micro beads off ebay that will do a similar job HERE

I hope you like my little makeup brush storage idea and inspires you to grab a vintage bowl/ tin / cup and put it to good use :-)

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