Glow In The Snow

I'm not sure if everyone in the UK has been hit by snow, but I know there are quite a few places! It honestly is so beautiful.. but very inconvenient!

Oversized Neon jumper, c/o Missguided
'Boy' Beanie, Ebay - £7.99
Double platform studded suede creeper lookalikes, ebay - £19.99
American Apparel Riding pants, ebay - £35
Black knit vintage coat, charity shop - £8

I literally shoved these clothes on when me and James posted some orders out for my etsy store! If you haven't seen the deer brooches, they were on pre order but they are back in stock now if you want to take a look :-) I've just sent a tonne of the pre orders out and still have a few to be sent out asap!
I found these creepers are actually not too shabby in the snow! I didn't slip, but silly me forgot to put socks on - cue very very very very cold feet! The neon top from missguided was from the photoshoot a little while ago and it's really great for that little bit of extra colour and glow against my otherwise monochrome attire. The vintage coat is lovely - it goes up slightly at the back which is quite odd but makes it quite different! I think it' because it's a childs coat (ages 11-12!) haha.

I've just been doing alot of sorting and tidying these past few days. Being basically housebound has been very productive for me to be honest. Making me sort through bank statements and tidying bits and sorting out piles of stuff to go to the charity shop - pretty standard stuff to most but I pretty much put off doing it for the longest time!
I'm also sorting out more stuff for London Fashion Week which I'm happy about - it's always good to plan things in advance and with it being like a month away I'm hopefully going to get everything sorted. I'm also going to buy a much needed railcard after putting off buying one for years, even though I travel on the trains ALOT.

Hope you are all being safe in the snow guys! I stocked up on food the other day along with 80% of Sheffield as it was pretty scarce in the aisles. You'd think the world was about to end or something!

Stay Warm :-)

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