Not Giving In

Any excuse to wear my new shoes ey?
I really love leopard print teamed with flashes of red, throwing on a beanie adds a little bit of an edge to this outfit.

Black Knit Beanie, Ebay - £3.97
Chunky Gold Chain Necklace Ebay - £15
Black Knit Jumper, Ebay - £7.99
Leopard Print Maxi Slit Maxi Skirt, c/o Bank Fashion
Red UNIF Hellbounds With Black Laces, Christmas Present via Nasty Gal

I'm kind of in love with my new necklace of ebay. It wasn't cheap, and I'm sure there are a million duped in highstreet stores but I hadn't been able to find one exactly the same as this. It's my new favourite and think I might end up overwearing this at fashion week (along with my neon beanie, clutch and new hellbounds haha)

I've finalised my plans and I will be there for the full five days in London! I'm so excited but stressed as always trying to plan what I'm going to be getting up to! I want to do some proper *london* things I have never done before Whislt I'm there, like go on the London eye or something :-)

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