Christmas & Birthday Presents..

My birthday and christmas were absolutely amazing. Really chilled and lovely, and I recieved some really lovely and thoughtful gifts!

This isn't everything (I recieved ALOT of chocolate!) But I just wanted to show a few bits and pieces! Please remember this isn't me bragging at all, just excited to show you a few things that I recieved. And also remember this was birthday AND chrismas, so before you think I'm *spoilt*, I had two lots of presents ;-)

Black Milk Cosmic Leggings in XS, Via Black Milk

I asked my um for these for chrismas and can hand on heart say I'm an absolute black milk addict. So flattering, tight and gorgeous! I think these amounted to £48 or something because there was free postage throughout november BUT beware of customs! My mum got charged £13 or something I think! I still think it's worth it regardless. I won' say too much as you'll be seeing quite a lot more of Black Milk on this blog ... ;-)

Hello kitty toy, Hello kitty Pez, Pop Tarts blueberry flavour, Hello kitty candyfloss & Skittles 'Riddles'

Can you tell I like Hello Kitty? Hehe, my little sister got me all of these goodies, along with the American sweet goodness that is pop tarts and weird flavoured Skittles! I also got some hello kitty headphones off James, which are megggaaaa cute ^_^

Jack Wills Mug & Sugar Skull Piggy Bank

I'm not a massive fan of Jack Wills really but when I was in Somerset with James I saw this cute Union Jack mug in the box and though 'Stocking Fillerrrr!'
This sugar skul piggys bank was from my little sister and one of the sweetest presents ever! I posted a picture of this on my instagram saying how much I liked it ageees ago - and my little sister went and found it! I just thought it's so sweet how much thought went into it, and it's so cute.

The body shop mango gift set, Soap and glory 'small wonders' gift set, The body shop mini animal soaps, Lush Snow Fairy, Lush Bath Bomb, Lush Snowcake, Lush Snow Fairy Gift Set.

This is just a mix of some smellies I recieved for christmas - I got ALOTI'm starting to wonder why people keep buying me so many haha! I love the soap and glory set from my sister, and having the body shop gift set from James was a nice little surprise! I quite like the body shop but haven't got much from them so having something different was nice. Oh, and of course Lush stuff is pretty standard ;-)

UNIF Black Harness Dress , Red Hellbound Platforms & Black Hellbound Platforms - All Nastygal!

I don't really have the words to describe how shocked I was when I recieved these! The Harness dress is sold out EVERYWHERE. I still don't know how James managed to get me one! I asked for either red or black hellbounds and recieved red on christmas and was over the MOON. He also gave me a watch on christmas as an early birthday present and said that because it was so expensive that was it. And on my birthday I came downstairs to pancakes with chocolate and these badboys sitting on the table. I can't wait to style them up - my favourite shoes and dress EVER!

I am so so grateful for the things I recieved and can't wait to use everything mentioned! Again I'm not bragging, I just thought I'd show you a few random bits and bobs I got for both :-)

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