Young Rapunzel.

I absolutely love maxi dresses now. Similar to my boohoo one, this has a sheer skirt over the top of 'knickers'. This however, doesn't have a mesh material, it's more netting. So to be honest, I'm basically naked. And when I asked James to take these photos in the park for a *prettier* backdrop, I regretted it straight away. Flashing my bottom to dog walkers on a monday morning wasn't what I was expecting to the start of my week!

Wine Floral Crown Headband c/o Crown and Glory
Gothic maxi sheer dress, c/o Glamorousuk
Leather Black UNIF Hellbound / Big Lita Lookalike, c/o Missguided

Of course I had to add another floral crown from crown and glory. Why not? I love the mix of gothic and girly in this whole ensemble. And the platforms just top it all off. Really really love it, although I'm not sure I would feel comofortable to physically wear it properly anywhere? I think you could wear tights but it may look weird?! Who knows, it's amazing though!

The title is in homage to the greatness that is Azealia Banks aka the Young Rapuzel, absolutely love everything about her, if only I was so cool *sigh*

Do you like my first ever attempt at a gif? It isn't perfect but thought I would fiddle around with it so not to make every image on this blog look the same 24/7 hehe :-)

Hope you are all having a fantastic Monday!
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Much Love!!!


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