A year in blog photos

Hello everyone - long time no blog!
I had a lovely christmas & I hope you all did too - whatever you got up to :-) I was annoyed that I didn't get anything decent on boxing day in the sales, but I have nowpicked up my birthday party dress (January the 5th woo!) and my mum picked up up an I-NC-R-E-D-I-B-L-E bargain from topshop for a mere £1 .. topshop and £1? Doesn't sound possible haha!

Anyway, just thought I would collate a few of my outfits from this year and my god, I have way more outfits that I realised! This isn't all of them but I am so happy with how my blog has gone this year. From newspapers, magazines, an appearance on tv, being snapped at London Fashion Week by Vogue and Topshop - it's been madness. Thankyou all so much for reading and supporting me this year - I feel very lcuky and humbled I can actually called this blog a 'part time job'!

Much love to you all and have a happy new year!


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