I am currently sat nursing a foodbaby full of yummy goodness and watching lots of cheesey christmas films (We love Shrek in my household!)

(yes, all the presents in the sack are mine! I am 5 years old again haha!)
Red Christmas / Reindeer Jumper, Ebay - £14.99

Just a quick one to say Merry Christmas to you all tomorrow. I really hope you have an amazing day! I love getting together with my family, and will be spending the morning here at my mums, and then at James' in the afternoon for Christmas Dinner .. nomnomnom!

I'm so excited to see everyones faces at what I have bought them, it;s my favourite bit of the day - and fingers crossed I did okay gift wise!

I'm wearing my christmas jumper I bought off ebay just for the occassion! I'll be wearing this tomorrow evening I reckon, but I have a slightly *girlier* ensemble in mind Christmas Dinner :-)

Happy Holidays everyone - have a great day!


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