Christmas Gift Ideas For under £25

When Money Supermarket got in contact letting me know about a blogger challenge with a festive twist, I knew I needed to get in on it. And my first thought was 'why has no one done this before?'
Props to Money Supermarket for thinking of this... a 'blogger scret santa'! We got paired with a random blogger, with whom we will buy a gift for under £25 for. The more creative the better! I have been paired with the incredible Rhiannon from fashionrocksmysocks, who I love, and know we are quite similar style wise. She has great taste, and so buying for her wasn't difficult at all! I tried to do something fairly *personal*, so I hope she likes it.

As I'm not allowed to actually give away what I have got her (be sure to keep an eye out on her youtube and blog for the unveiling!) I thought I would put together a few items I have found online whilst I was searching for her gift and give you guys an idea, incase you're doing a secret santa and you're a little lost. I know not everyone has £25 as the budget, but some of these come under and they're great for christmas stockings too.

I've categorised these as 'for him' and 'for her' they don't actually have to be for that gender it was just easier to categorise it that way - I want most of the stuff on the 'for him' list for me anyway haha!

1. Marshmallow Fluff, Ebay - £4.20 Flavours Click Here : Original, Strawberry, Raspberry
2. Cupcake Kit, Ebay - £11.72
3. Swizzels Matlow Love Hearts Tealights, Ebay - £4.45
4. Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift Perfume, Ebay - £23.99
5. Large Yankee Candle 6 Scents, Ebay - £14.99
6. Hello Kitty Usb, Ebay - £14.99
7. Hot Fudge Sundae Pop Tarts (8 Pastry Pack), Ebay - £5.49
8. 6 Cupcake Maker, Ebay - £22.99
9. Gold Studded Iphone 4 & Iphone 5 Case in Black Or White, You Wear Fashion, £12
10. Burger Shaped Lunch Box, Ebay - £8.50

1. Peanut Butter M&M's, Ebay - £1.95
2. Pacman Alarm Clock, Ebay £14.99
3. R2-D2 Mug With Lid, Ebay - £14.99
4. Tabasco Spicy Chocolate, Ebay - £5.99
5. Envelope 'Undercover' Laptop Sleeve, Ebay - £12.95
6. Cat Sharp-End Pencil Sharpener, Ebay - £7.99
7. Space Invaders Multitool Keychain, Ebay - £8.99
8. Joystick for Ipad/Tablet, Ebay - £4.03
9. Stainless Steel Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener, Ebay - £9.50
10. The Avengers USB Sticks, Ebay - £18.95 Click for : HULK, CAPTAIN AMERICA, IRON MAN, IRON MAN SILVER, THOR
11. Marvel Comic Wallet, ebay - £10.99
12. Mens Novelty Socks, Superman, Mr Tickle, Star Wars, Mr Greedy & The Muppets, Ebay - £2.99

It's taken me 3 hours to collate it all together but what do you think? Theres SO MANY NICE THINGS! I've purchased around 6 of these items whilst making my lists haha! Let me know if you get anything! And I hope this helped some of you! It's all pretty much via ebay too so you know it's a really good bargain :-)


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