Mint Roses.

'Wow kavita you aren't wearing all black'?
Yeah I don't know what happened and why I have been wearing so much black but I thought it was time to inject a bit of colour into my wardrobe. Granted, it's a little random, I mean pastels for a/w, really?

Before I get all of you going crazy at me, yes, it's pretty chilly and no, I didn't wear this 'out and about'. I just fancied putting this together as a little outfit that I spose I *wish* I could wear. I imagined this in my head as soon as I recieved the jumper and backpack, and knew to tie it altogether I NEEDED a crown and glory piece!

Wildfox lookalike Mint deer / stag distressed jumper, c/o ROMWE
Mint faux leather rucksack, c/o chicwish
Cream chiffon dress worn as skirt, ebay - £14.99
Mint floral crown, c/o crown and glory
Faux Jeffrey Campbell Tan Litas, c/o soyoushoes

I never saw myself as a mint kinda guuurrrll, infact pastels are pretty scary. I'm up and down in my style, I don't have a particular niche or whatever, and sometimes I'm girly or sexy or grungey or hipster or overlly fashion bloggaaa - It's just whatever I fancy throwing together!

I'm trying to blog as often as possible at the moment, and therefore not every single outfit will be worn out with friends or when I am out, as obviously I don't leave the house everyday (I'm a natural hermit!) but when I am itching to show you guys something that I have thought of and hope to wear in the future, or even something I remember wearing a while ago, then I will try my hardest. Please try and understand that before leaving any comments such as 'Arent you cold' 'Did you wear this out' 'This is all c/o' .. I try my hardest for this to be a creative space! I hope you guys still like my blog and get that I wear the majority of things out (ask my friends, they think I'm bonkers for wearing heels 90% of the time!)

I'm hoping to blog almost everyday in December, and get as many party ready outfits up for you to be inspired by this season! I have a few gift ideas too, along with a few hair questions answered (Yes, the ombre post has been a long time coming guys don't kill me!) so I'm very excited! I know I don't have to explain myself - this is MY blog, but I really appreciate every single one of you, 100%. You guys keep me going with the blog as it can be such hard work at times. Thankyou all <3 Hope you are having a happy 1st of December! I'm saving my chocolates for later, I have Disney Princesses & Hello kitty Advent calendars!


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