The lighting was a little weird today so sorry about the photos! I couldn't wait to show you this jumper from Romwe!

Jeremy Scott Bart Simpson lookalike jumper, c/o ROMWE
Leather Yellow Rucksack / Backpack c/o Grafea
Yellow Knit Bobble Hat, ebay(other colours available here!) - £2.50
Leather Black UNIF Hellbound / Big Lita Lookalike, c/o Missguided

This jumper is a Jeremy Scott lookalike from his Bart Simpson Cartoon collection. As pretty much made famous by the effing beautiful Cara Develigne, these jumpers are definitely a statement piece (first king kong leggings, now a bart simpson jumper - whatever next?!) I was lucky enough to nab this off ROMWE when they had them in stock, however they have quickly run out of stock several times since I managed to get one!
They are ridiculously amazing quality and very snuggly inside so they are perfect for winter. Teamed with my bright yellow beanie and favourite Grafea Rucksack, this outfit is amazing <3 Hope you are all well! I'm actually feeling very poorly at the moment (think it's winter blues) so am sat at home trying to get started on wrapping presents. Hope you have all had a lovely day and happy 'end of the word' day!


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