One More Night.

James & I went shopping in meadowhall for a few more bits, and I was so shocked at how busy it was! No lie - 10am on a Monday morning, and it was packed! We only needed a few things so I shoved my favourite dress from Romwe on and my heels. I was going to opt for some tights but if you are a fellow shopping cetre shopper this christmas you will know how ridiculously hot it gets. So whilst my boyfriend was melting in his cosy jumper I as happy with my dress. Although as we walked back to the car I as less than pleased with the rain!

Slanting Stripes Grey Strappy Dress, c/o ROMWE
Spike Snapback Cap, You Wear Fashion (£22)
Leather Black UNIF Hellbound / Big Lita Lookalike, c/o Missguided
Triangle hand harness, You Wear Fashion (£10)
Alexander Wang Kirsten Tote Lookalike Bag, Ebay - £32.99

This dress is one of those things that I saw and thought it would be a staple in my wardrobe. It honestly is so silky and comfy, and looks ridiculously designer. I saw it and thought it must be an Alexander Wang knockoff or something! I love how it matches the strappyness of my knock off Wang bag too!

I love these spike caps, I have currently sold out on my store but should be getting more in! I usually wear them the other day but I thoguht it looked quite different backwards. As James says, I look quite hip hop try hard in this outfit haha, but I like it nonetheless!

Excuse the Starbucks cup too, we had just got back and I was drinking it on the way home and still had it in my hand and literally forgot all about it until about half way through haha. Posing with a Starbucks cup? Whatever next!

p.s. the winner of my giveaway was...

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Congratualtions and thanks all who entered :-) Will have another one soon!
Much Love <3


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