#21 Thrifty Thursday - In Real Life

It's effing freezing at the moment here in Sheffield, and this furry hat has not left my head. I get a few questions where I got it and it was actually H&M last year - not sure they will have it again but I know primark always have them knocking about (usually in the mens section!) It's quite small fitting this one which is good cause I have a tiny head and most hats are too big usually.

Furry hat, H&M - £8
Yuki Blouse, carboot - 50p
Brown Tribal Leggings, c/o nowistyle
Faux Jeffrey Campbell Tan Litas, c/o soyoushoes
Gold cross necklace c/o Eclectic Eccentricity

I wouldn't usually like leggings like this but theres something quite autumny about it. I'm a huge brown and tan colour fan aswell so they suit mr perfectly! They're also thick and comfy which is pretty essential for the colder months.

The thrifty bit of the outfit is this blouse. It's by the brand Yuki who made this dress/top here. I picked it up for just 5p from a bootsale and it's so nice for layering and shoving over leggings. It's got quite batwinged sleeves and is super soft on the inside, which makes it perfect for snugglyness in winter! :-)

Hope you are all feeling okay and are keeping warm this winter! I had an awful night sleep last night as my heater has stopped working and woke up several times to refill my hot water bottle as it was so cold - nightmare! I've pretty much moved into my boyfriends at the moment because our house is so crap!
You still have time to enter my collar giveaway HERE remember! :-)
Much Love!


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