Cause you had a bad day

And I'm not even exaggerating. It was not only AWFUL weather, but I SLIPPED. Yep, on my arse on the pavement... Thank GOD no one saw me, otherwise I would have cried! Well, that was a bad start. Then my umbrella was a poor excuse for an umbrella to say the least, it was a primark one so you can imagine how broken it got from the wind, and I STILL got soaked, which meant my straight hair was just.. fluff. OH my bus was 15 whole minutes late. And I wouldn't have minded but it was freeeeeeezing and was already in a bad mood from slipping.

It wasn't a very nice start to the week. And to come in for 2 hours of English I mean .. doesn't really seem worth it, eh?
Anyway. I decided to battle this awful day and take an OOTD as I looked presentable and to show you my new cardigan and boots. Oh and I wore this to school minus the red lipstick.. I added that because of the lack of other makeup.. stupid rain. UGH

Breton top, carboot - 50p / Leggings, Primark - £3 / Boots, carboot - £1.50 / Cardigan, charity shop - £2.50

What do you think? (besides the overgraininess of it all, sorry!) I love my comfy new cardigan, even though it's WAY too big for me. Not just 'oversized' kinda look, I mean REALLY big on me. But nevertheless it's toasty. And the shoes are pretty special.

I have a black pair of ankle lace ups HERE, but they are battered old things, these are very very sturdy for the winter (didn't stop me slipping though, bleugh) and look a little like doc martens, but not as bulky. I will probably sell my other pair cause you know, it's a waste to have a pair of shoes so similar!

And I wore my favourite necklace and ring. Oh and my favourite tee actually which I haven't properly mentioned. It is a proper breton top from a carboot for 50p, it is also very large (I think I have a baggy clothes problem!) and super comfy.

It's winter .. I'm allowed!

You've also had a little look into my living room with our nice new fireplace, just in time for winter! Although this blueness of the room not only camouflages my cardigan but makes these pictures depressing but HEY, I tried my best! It was 4 o clock.. it gets pretty dark around then!
Hope you have a fabby week and your monday wasn't as awful as mine. Oh and coming home to all your sweet comments about how I look with no makeup made my day that much better, so thankyou very much you lovely people!


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