My staple

Topshop dress, ebay - £30 / Burgundy cardigan, carboot - £1 / Owl necklace, ebay - £1.50

Although it is the first time you've seen this outfit pulled together, it has been a staple outfit of mine for a while now. I really love everything about it, wearing my favourite shoes, bag, dress, necklace and cardigan all in one. I've also started donning the 'pineapple' hairstyle, which I wasn't very fond of at first but now love it, because I hate wearing my hair down all the time.. it just gets so boring! It takes several attempts to get the 'pineapple' however, because my hair is so long it doesn't like to stay up for very long.. cue heaps of hairspray and you're sorted.

I'm still trying to sort the lighting in my room so sorry for all the weird colourings of the pictures. I have to admit editing photos is not my strong point, despire claiming to love graphics haha. I'll sort it eventually!

I wasn't at sixth form today and I've started to become ill because of overworking and not getting enough protein and iron in my diet, I'm feeling properly drained at the moment. I will try and keep up with the blog though!!

Have a lovely weekend you guys :)


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