009 Share Sunday

Listening to: Ellie Goulding - Your Song
Reading: Info on a bunch of random phones
Watching: Deal or no deal!

1. I'm in the middle of sorting out my work outfit for my first day at work at phones4u tomorrow! I'm opting for my red zara shirt and some H&M grey work trousers. I feel very smart but look about 25! I'm uber scared, I have to be there for 9:30 and am getting a train at 7:30 :| I usually wake up for school at that time, but to get there on time it's a 6am wake-up! I'm going all the way to Lincoln for a training day. Wish me luck!

2. This week has been pretty stressful, had a few essays to get done and all last minute (as I'm the most disorganised person you'll ever meet) On friday I went for starbucks with my besties, and it was so so lovely. I'm going to miss all this time I spent with them as having a job full of 21 hours a week and 16 of school, is going to be very time consuming.

3. I've started writing my christmas list and it's full of little homewares from places like urban outfitters. I'm really excited to get my room done up, as it is a mess at the moment as we're getting loft insulation fitted.

4. I actually wear glasses in real life, but I think they look hideous on me! I thought I'd post a picture of me wearing them for you guys though, as when I get home after sixth form, I put my hair up, makeup off and glasses on haha. Do any of you wear glasses but opt for contacts instead? Do you hate wearing glasses or do you embrace your bad sight? (ahah)

5. Contest winner will be up as soon as I can get it sorted, I'm spending the rest of this evening looking up some phones they've asked me to learn about for my training day, bleugh. I'll try get it up soon though!


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