008 Share Sunday

Listening to - Katy B - Katy on a mission
Reading - A variety of history books
Watching - One tree hill season finale .. was INTENSE to say the least!

1. I was really ill this week and had to miss an amazing Aussie Bonfire party in Leeds. I'm still miffed, and spent my bonfire night catching up on sleep and drinking lots of soup.

2. On the Saturday I went out however and before that we had a few fireworks and a bonfire in my back garden. I wore what I'm wearing in the above picture, I love it. So so cosy :) (excuse the absense of makeup and messy hair!)

3. I'm beginning to get stressed about everything and this blog has suffered. I need to up my game OOTD wise, but with it turning dark so early, it's becoming difficult to have nice pictures! AND I can't find my wireless remote, so it has to be when my sister has time.

4. The contest winner will be up soon, thanks for all the entries! And thanks for being so patient with me!


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