011 Share Sunday.

Listening to: Florence and the machine - Falling
Reading: Nineteen eighty-four
Watching: Nothing new, been too busy to keep up with any of my fave shows :'(

1. Work work work.. that's pretty much all I've been doing/talking/complaining about. All in all I really love my colleagues, we have a right laugh, & they're all about 7-8 years older than me! I just feel abit tired really, and I'm missing so much school work cause of it! Just bare with me, I'll get over it and I'll be back to my bubbly self :)

2. I've finally finished my christmas list and I'll be doing a blog post on it soony, so so excited! Christmas is hands down my favourite time of year (not just cause my birthday is two weeks after or anything!..)

3. Thanks for all the lovely comments on my last two posts! I'll be doing a mini tutorial on my 'pineapple' do if people want me to, as it is actually quite easy to do. There will be more wintery themed posts as it is freeezing and I have 3 more coats to show you!!

4. ITS SNOWWWINGGGGG! I'm usually happy cause snow is beautiful, but getting to sixth form and work is SUCH a mission. I don't drive and public transport is not very frequent around this time. I live two buses away from sixth form and I have to catch a tram and bus to work.. nonetheless I wore my wellies to work on saturday. Tucked my smart trousers in them and everything. It had to be done!
Are you loving or hating the snow? Has it come to your city yet?


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