Odd Socks.

Wow, look how many OOTD's you are getting, I spoil you guys!
Anyway, today I wore odd socks. You know when you pick up a pair very similar but they don't match..

Well I clearly had my head screwed on the wrong way round because they are completely different (except the colour, I'll give myself that much credit) but just goes to show what mornings do to people. This outfit is another 'comfy' one, it was SO cold this morning, I'm wearing leggings and my big comfy cardigan and scarf.

Dress, carboot - 50p / Scarf - found in my house somewhere / Cardigan - Charity shop, £2.50 / Scissor necklace, matalan - £1.20 / River island necklace, gift from ex - £20? (pricey!) / Ring, primark - £2

I wanted to talk about my satchel and boots in this post because they are my a/w staples.
The boots were shocking at £50 off ebay, but it's one of those things I splurge on because I will wear them all the time and I have no lace up boots for winter. They have a small heel and the best part is they are genuine vintage, not the manufactured military boots you find everywhere else. I actually liked them till all the chavs started wearing them and they became a tad tacky. Alas, £50 well spent. Yumyum.
The satchel was £30.. oh I know, my gap year money is not staying in the bank very long. But it fits my arch lever file folders in, which is pretty marvellous, and it sortof matches the boots (I'm not the only one who co-ordinates my shoes and bags am I?) I also sold my old asos one, so it's more like I 'swapped' them on ebay, if that makes sense? Anyway, they are my babies, and I have been wearing the combo at sixth form quite alot, so it is money well spent!
OH, and the river island necklace was from about 3 years ago? A present from my ex, and one of the first necklacs I saw in this style, before this 'pocket watch' style trend even existed really. It is completely broken in every way, but I love it!

I was thinking about the higher tuition fees for uni today because of the big protest and how it will effect me because of my gap year. Of course I'm annoyed, but I have a choice. The people in the year below don't have one, and so I'm lucky, I could avoid it. But I decided on my gap year because I'm not ready for uni, and it's not the be all and end all. I may go off abroad and not want to come back! I am living for the moment, even if the future scares me (ee!)
My 3 amazing friends Joe, Roma & Tanith are all applying to Oxford, which is insane (you can all wish them luck too if you like!) They are all ridiculously clever however, and I think it helps that my friends are aiming really high, because it makes me want to push myself harder and higher and saving for a gap year does exactly that!
What are your views on the whole thing? Did you go to uni and was it worth it, or did you not go and do you regret it? Let me know, because it's always better to gauge general opinion when it comes from actual people!

New post up with the winner and other tid bits soon! Sorry for the lack of great pictures, the weather is disgraceful, and my little sister can only stand outside and take picture with me for so long haha!


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