010 Share Sunday

1. Hello lovelies! I've missed having so much spare time, cause I started work on wednesday. A full day of school, plus a 5-10 shift, I got home at 11:30 and nearly cried. Had some work to catch up on and stayed up till 1am doing it, and didn't even attend school because I was so tired. I've started to organise myself more now though, so I've already sorted two OOTD for the coming week so you aren't starved of my blog posts, cause I know what I'm like. But work is good, very scary at first but I've sold 5 phones which isn't amazing but pretty good for my first two days! They gave me the weekend off which was nice, completely relaaaaxed and did coursework etc. So far so good!

2. Today I went to town for a little bit of shopping. I went to primark and got 3 things and then bought a starbucks and spent time with my sisters and mum. I wore the outfit above, which you will get a proper look at in the next week, but the headband thingy was £2 from primark and it's so granny I love it!

3. The picture makes me look really white. I never actually edit my pictures, but because it's getting so dark I'm having to up the contrast and stuff and when I did it to this picture it just made me look white. Maybe cause I'm wearing red lipstick too, but still.

4. On that note, I love wearing red lipstick, it makes me feel very sophisticated and glam, even thought I feel very overdressed when out and about in the daytime.

5. My dress code at work is office wear, so I need to purchase some good staple pieces as I only have about 3. Any recommendations? Obviously ebay etc, but any high street places I have to check out? Let me know :)

6. I said I'd post the giveaway winner but I've got an essay to do and didn't want to delay my sunday post, so I'll do it later tonight and announce it on tues or wed, sorry guys. Bare with me!


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