I love Aussie

If you have never heard of Aussie, then shame on you! They are a haircare brand that have been around for ages, and I am very much a proud member of their 'Luscious long hair' tribe. You will have heard of these 'tribes' on other blogs no doubt, and I chose mine cause, well, I've had long hair for years now! Recently I was sent a surprise package in the post which literally made my week!

Some Aussie slippers, hot chocolate, fluffy hand warmer, lavender heat cushion and take the heat products - cream and spray. Not to mention it was all wrapped up with a pretty purple ribbon (pictured)
This was to mark their 'take the heat' event on bonfire night, in which I was invited to attend. Unfortunately, I was ridiculously ill, and couldn't make it, which I'm still upset about. But anywho, I have wanted to blog about this for age, cause it is pretty much the perfect package for winter, and is so tempting to replicate this as a gift for friends and family! Who doesn't want hot chocolate and slippers in December? Amazing.

As part of being in the tribes, around summer we all got to attend a tribe party, and I happened to go to the one in London, which I never actually blogged about.. I don't think anyway. I'm not sure, but it was an amazing night in which I got to stay in a hotel in London and invite my friend Josh and hang out with the amazing Hannah and Charlie, but back to the story. The incredible people at Aussie had thrown these parties with themes to match the tribe, ours was fairytale. They have now compiled a book together to show the pictures from the parties and tips us tribe members have given -

Look it's my face! :)

This is such a lovely thing to have and I am so grateful to be apart of the aussie tribes, so a big thankyou to the Aussie team and all the other tribe members! I've wanted to blog about these thing but never got the chance, so sorry it's all abit late! I'm jetting off to another Aussie event in London on December the 4th and have a little surprise, but all will be revealed sooner to the date. Contest winner announced tomorrow!


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