I couldn't believe it when an email popped into my inbox a little while ago asking to take part in Wildfox and their 'Take 10' Challenge. They did one last year with a few of my favourite bloggers, and they all looked AMAZING. Now, a new bunch of us bloggers have been set the same task with a valentines twist no less, with the gorgeous Sparkley Red jumper, as seen on the liked of many celebrities such as Taylor Swift & Jlo!

If I'm honest, a big fat red heart with sparkles on was quite daunting. It's VERY girly, and a little out there in terms of what I usually wear. And I mostly wear jumpers just for layering with some joggers and slippers for when I'm lounging around. So basically, this WAS a challenge for me!

Wildfox Sparkle Heart Jumper, c/o Wildfox
Black Pu Sports Shorts, c/o Missguided
Faux Leather Biker Aviator Jacket, c/o Missguided
Black Wedge Hi Top Trainers, c/o Missguided
BOY Black And White Snapback Cap, Ebay - £13.99
White Ice Watch, c/o Ice Watch

I decided to don a 'Sports Luxe x Monochrome' feel to the ensemble and this was the result! There are quite a few missguided goodies to this outfit which I hadn't reaised until I wrote down all the outfit info - oopsies! I think Missguided are the BEST for monochrome staples at the moment though, so it's no surprise ;-) I quite like it, It's different and I could have definitely gone with something alot simpler, but with Wildfox being one of my favourite brands of all time I needed to do it justice!

The big question is - What do YOU think?
This is a contest after all so I would be ever so grateful if you could vote for me here!! And if by some crazy miracle I DO win (theres a £500 wildfox voucher up for grabs!) I may do a little giveaway to say thanks ;-) There are some incredible entries and just taking part means alot to me as it is :-)

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