London Fashion Week Day 1 A/W13

London Fashion Week Day 1 was pretty mad!

I'll start with what I wore..

Black Smart Dungarees, c/o River Island
Neon Knit Beanie, Ebay - £2.99
Neon Perspex See Through Clutch, Ebay - £12.99
ASOS Tan Bitten Heels, Christmas Present (Asos, £75)
Lookalike 'Celine' Tee, Ebay - £7.99
H&M Gold Chunky Chain, H&M - £7.99

Photos thanks to Shirley!

Here are a few extras from Stockholm streestyle (eee!) and from Sammi's blog!

YES the neon beanie is back guys! I couldn't resist! I'm kinda annoyed that SO MANY PEOPLE are wearing them at somerset house because I look a bit of a dick, but OH WELL.

I was so flattered, I ended up getting snapped by amazon, H&M, Asos Warehouse, Missguided, Selfrdiges, Motel, & STOCKHOLM STREETSTYLE! I got snapped by them last year but oh my god, I was so flattered they even wantd my picture! The celine top went down a treat and MASSIVE THANKYOU to River Island for hooking me up with this dungaree jumpsuit, it's gorgeous!

The first day was very much the same as September last year, I had lots of shows and not enough time! I missed Bora Aksu as I as late, but bumped into Sherin in the queue for a bloggers pass. Kristabel also joined us and we then hot footed it into the mac media lounge to book a free makeover. Last time I had no idea about the gem that is the Mac makeover, where they basically so your makeup for you.. but give you the maakeup after FOR FREE. Score!

I then carried on seeing several bloggers such as lily, zoe, shirley and gem, catching up with everyone and generally milling around somerset. I then spotted Laura, and we popped up to Jena Theo which was an incredible show! Here are a few snaps -

My shoes were absolutely killing by this point *cries* but I willed through it! After Laura left for a show at Vauxhall Fashion Scount I spotted the incredible Beautycrush in the Felder Felder queue! It was absolutely massive, and they ended up cutting off the line not far behind us - even people with seated tickets got turned away! We got in and it was madness, the paps were going crazy for the FROW which had marina and the diamonds, kate nash and mollie king! We did have seats but there were none left so we stood, I didn't get many good images as it was such crazy lighting but the shows was incredible! I didn't get very many decent pictures as the lighting was quite difficult sorry guys!

I then saw all th eMade in Chelsea cre, Rosie, Proudlock and Millie! Millie looked SO FLAWLESS! I then also spotted Frankie from the saturdays - madness!

After we left we saw Shirley again (yay!) and generally chilled for the next hour or so, meeting several other fab bloggers such as Lucy and Laura. We took some outfit pictures of each other (Thankyou Shirley for my amazing photos!) We then met up for some food with Zara and it was just really lovely to chat to the girlies and relax! I had two more shows in the evening which I decided to leave as I was knackered as it was, and I was tempted to attend the Felder Felder afterparty which I knew would be incredible but I decided I needed some sleep, and had a very good night sleep in my premier inn hotel bed that I then woke up late for lfw the next day - oops!

That was day 1, please return for day two tomorrow (promise I'll publish it earlier!

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