London Fashion Week Day 4 A/W13

Hello everyone! Hope you are well!
Day 4 was slightly warmer, so I felt better with wearing a dress - although again it got freezing as the hours ticked by and I started to regret my outfit choice haha!

Leather Contrast Cut Out Bodycon Dress In White, c/o Missguided (£24.99)
BOY Black And White Snapback Cap, Ebay - £13.99
Clear Perspex See Through Clutch, Ebay - £12.99
Chunky Gold Necklace & Bracelet, Both H&M, £7.99 & £3.99
Black UNIF Hellbounds, Gift via Nasty Gal!

I don't know why but that boy cap is my new favourite thing. I used to love beanies but I'm getting really into snapbacks now - I feel naked without something on my head! This dress has incredible leather detailing, and sooo many people loved it and were shocked to find out it was missguided as it looks alot more high end - score! ;-)

We spent most of the day relaxing inside, with a lovely hot pot of Barrys English Tea and as many carbs as you can imagine. I wish I had remembered to photgraph the vast array of sandwiches and fresh bread which filled the shelves inside!

I had no shows today and focused on just meeting up with a few blogger friends I had made at fashion week. Thats the thing I love the most, meeting people. If you ever eet e (I hope I get to meet many many more readers as it's my favourite thing!) I don't shut up, and like alot of people have commented, I'm different to what maybe I portray on my blog. My pouty face makes me look a little standoffish and snobbish, but it person I'm far from it!

I met some of the most incredible people at fashion week, people who read my blog which is CRAZY! I had the sweetest girls in the whole world come up to me and ask for a photo with me (which I still thing is crazyyy!!!! But amazing of course!) and another girl straight after asing for the same thing! To all who I met - thakyou. You make my day, and it is amazing to meet the peopke who make things like fashion week possible for me, who make blogging an enjoyable job and something to look forward to, knowing a few of the faces behind the incredible comments. Thankyou all so much to the readers I met and to you all just for reading. Okay, soppy bit over! Day 5 is tomorrow SOB, last day ever - it's been a crazy old week, thanks for sticking with me haha!

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