London Fashion Week Day 5 A/W13

Na na na na na na na na baaattmaaaannn!
It's been a while since I bought this shirt. I've been dying to show everyone but I have waited till fashion week for the perfect opportunity!

Lazy Oaf Batman Shirt, Asos - £65
UNIF Black Hellbounds, Christmas Gift Via Nasty Gal
Matching Sunshine Yellow Laces, Ebay - £1.99
Alexander Wang Kirsten Tote Lookalike Bag, Ebay - £37.99

I am a huge batman fan. who isn't? you have to be fairly brave to wear this outside of somewhere like fashion week, as people STARE. People walk past saying 'batman!', and you definitely will not go unnoticed. Usually, I'm not fussed. But I once wore this to meadohall and realised just how un ready Sheffield was for a bigh bright massive batman shirt!

I couldn't not pair this with my unifs and some yellow laces I specifically bought from ebay! This is one of my favourite outfits ever and am glad I waited until fashion week until I wore it 'properly'

The last day was basically a rushed mess. I was at Somerset house to say goodbye to my friends and get some last minute shots of the area, until I grabbed a taxi and said bye to my hotel at the premier inn and the london eye (which is right on the doorstep!) and set off home. I had a lovely journey back and seeing my little sister at the train station to help me with my bags made me feel like crying. I don't tend to get homesick, I'm good at adjusting to most surroundings. But I did end up missing home.

London, it's been amazing. And to all of you who stuck with me and kept up with what was going on - thankyou! You guys are the reason I ca do things like fashion week. Meet the people I meet, see the shows, experience London - it's incredible. Thankyou to the incredible people at Premier inn for a hotel so close to Somerset house too, which made getting there and back everyday an absolute dream. And also the staff who were so lovely and made my morning!

I may not be blogging to frequently over the next week just so I can adjust to everything I've missed whilst back here in good old Sheffield!

Much Love always! xoxo

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