Happy Valentines Day - To Myself!?

Hello everyone!
There was supposed to be a more valentine themed post going up but it didn't work out.. so I thought it would be a good time to show you some things I splurged on recently.

Most people when they splurge spend alot of money in places like topshop, or boots. I'm not a big spender, I never ever have been. So this splurge isn't really a splurge, it's an absolute STEAL.

I had to seperate readers of my blog who emeailed me telling me about this website. Firstly, the fact that my blog readers would actually take time out of their way to recommend me soething I would like it beyond incredible, let alone the fact they know me so well, because the website was right up my street!

Everything 5 pounds is basically a site that sells everything for £5. It has a few pieces of clothing, and actually a few nice bags there too, but the SHOES. Ah, the shoes! They are incredible and the kind of shoes you'd probably find in places like new look, garage shoes or even ebay for £25 +

I decided to get 3 pairs (because I knew valentines was coming up and needed to treat myself!) and just in time for London Fashion Week. I DO wear heels at fashion week, but I always carry a spare pair of flats incase my feet start to hurt, which is only the sensible thing to do! I haven't had a decent pair of ballet flats in a while since my 50p Primark pair I thrifted a while back got absolutely wrecked in the rain, and had to resort to the incredible £2.50 primark trainers as my go to lazy shoe.

Black Faux Suede Skull Embellished Flats, Everything5Pounds - £5 (these are definitely more of a silver!)

Black Golden Pointed Toe Ballet Flat, Everything5Pounds - £5

Red Faux Suede Skull Embellished Flats, Everything5Pounds - £5

The quality of all 3 of these are amazing, The skull detailing reminds me of Alexander Mcqueen, and I have been after a pair of shoes exactly like these forever since I saw similar versions floating around on tumblr! I got red because they will also be cute to pair with an outfit with red accents.
The pointed toe gold (but looks more silver!) detailing on the other shoes are also very basic and but quite 'chic', and I literaly can't get over the quality!

Regarding sizing, for anyone wondering - All 3 shoes are a sie 3 and I'm usually an annoying 3.5, but these fir perfect, if not slightly big. They are all very comfy, not pinchy and great quality. Regarding ordering, I got guranteed next day as I wanted them for fashion week (the postage is like £8 for next day but cause the shoes are so cheap i just though hey why not!) and they arrived on time :-)

I know it's not most peoples usual place to shop, but little gems like these really make my day! Thankyou ever so much to Nicky and Emma for telling me about the shop! My boyfriend is currently flying to Morocco so my valentines is probably going to be me and my pizza!
Bring on fashion week tomorrow and have a fabulous valentines, whatever you're doing!

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