Surprise Flowers...

Earlier in the month, Money Supermarket gave a few bloggers £20 each to spend on something. It could be
anything, from a meal or money toward a more extravagant purchase, but with the idea of 'lifes little wins'

'Beautiful' Lilies Bouquet, - £30*

I decided to treat my mum with a surprise bunch of flowers. I don't talk about my personal life in my blog, or even twitter really, I'm a very private person, but at the beginning of January I mentioned something had happened which was a bit of a bad start to 2013 to me. My mum was in hospital, and when I was given the opportunity to do this little project I couldn't think of anyone else to treat! Shes doing alot better now, sporting a rather large cast on her leg though!

My mum used to send me and my sisters valentines cards when we were younger (how sweet is that!?) so I thought, hey, why have I never got her anything for valentines? Valentines is a day of love, not necessarily just for the partner in your life, but friends and family also!

The first thought of where to get the flowers was Moonpig because hey, we have all seen the moonpig adverts! But the price was also the best. £30 and a free card and free delivery on valentines day.

'Why not just buy a nice bunch of flowers from tesco for £15?' ..

you might be wondering. Well, for me, lifes little wins are the surprises you can give to the people around you. And her face when she was delivered a surprise fresh bunch of her favourite flowers is something I will always remember. The cat card was specifically picked as we're a big cat loving family ... we have 3!

The pictures aren't the best as they were taken quite a few days after (and they're still going strong!) so they're slightly crinkled etc, but they still look lovely. With Mothers day also coming up I can see this as being another perfect surprise :-)

Thankyou for letting me take part Money Supermarket, and I guess my question is - What would you spend that extra £20 on?

*Disclaimer: Money Supermarket provided me with £20 to go toward this £30 bunch of flowers. I paid the extra £10 out of my own money. I am not working with Moonpig or are being compensated by them - the service was actually great for the price and I would defiitely recommend them!

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