Wallpaper Rose.

You know what that means? Oh hell yeah, no more sixth form until the 5th of January (I go back on my birthday, FML) haha and that means lots more time for posts! Especially christmas themed ones, because they are my faaavourite!

I still have work, and if you follow me on twitter you will know that I complain about work 24/7, because I'm just always tired. But no school means 16 hours more a week to do bloggy related things. I'm really happy!

So today this is what I wore .. and the quality was really bad and after editing they now look really vintage-esque? I have no idea why but there you go, sorry about the fuzziness, the darkness is creeping in even at 4pm!

Topshop dress, ebay - £30 / Cardigan, carboot - £1 / Turban and tights, primark - £2 each

You will all have heard of Wallpaper Rose by now no doubt, as my favourite bloggers have all worn them in their posts before. The lovely Louise kindly offered to send me a piece, and I fell in love with this gem..

Shes called Alana and shes fast becoming my favourite necklace.

I think it's the fact that it's quite travel like that drew me in. I'm off on my gap year next year and I thought it was so cute with the plane, camera and eiffel tower.. I just couldn't resist it!

She sells the most beautiful necklaces, bracelets and even peterpan collared tees at the moment, and they are the best stocking fillers! Tomorrow is the last day for christmas orders so make sure you order fast! Shes also running a contest on her blog at the moment if you want to check it out, and there is also a twitter account too :)

OH.. and Ashleigh recently did a post about me over at her blog and it really really made my day. If anyone ever wants to write about me on a post, please feel free and let me know if you do as I love seeing what lovely things people have to say! :)

A christmas giveaway and lots of outfits and christmas filled posts coming up, so hopefully I'll make up for the lack of nice posts. Hope you guys are well!


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