A new years message

I did this last year, and I want to do it again this year. I know blogs are supposed to be full of pretty pictures and fashion but I just wanted a littlke post on a reflection of this year and what I hope for next year, I guess theres no place better to do this than on my blog!

This year was all in all quite boring compared to my other years. Yes there was drama and upsets, but in comparison to the previous years it is nowhere near as intense, and I've had an amazing group of friends (almost) all the way through 2010. I did have a time around 3 months before I started my job that I struggled, and I think everyone gets it. Where things just get hard, school was hard and I wasn't inspired and felt like it wasn't really worth trying hard in anything because I wasn't getting anything out of it.

Then my a level results came and you know what? I was damn proud of my B in history, and the fact that all the way through the year my teachers predicted me an E, definitely pushed me to prove them wrong. Although it wasn't nice being doubted all that time and it still hurts a little, I know I can slack sometimes but my god I'm not stupid!

I planned my gap year and even though the tuition fees have gone up, I've just stuck with my plans because at the end of the day, no stupid government is going to stop me doing what I want to do. Fees going up or not, I know by the end of 2011, I will figure out what I want, because right now, I'm really not sure.

I got my first job in 2010 and I'm going to be sad not having one in 2011. To be honest, I am going to be applying everywhere afterward just because I love the fact that I had money and was doing something with my time. It gave me a huge work ethic and I made some amazing friends out of it. I'm more confident to speak to strangers too, and if any of you bloggers have met me you will think I'm hugely confident.. it comes and goes. Infront of absolute complete strangers I'm nervous, and even picking up the phone at work was a challenge! But I'm so much more confident and I feel like a proper ADULT now. I've grown up.

I've been single throughout 2010 and damn straight I have, because god knows how I would have dealt with a boyfriend. I know the majority of bloggers have them, but I am ridiculously happy being single. I do get lonely from time to time, but noithing that spending time with my family or friends won't fix! I get annoyed when people think that because I've been single for 2 years (my god!) means I'm really pathetic or something.. but I just wont settle. If I wanted to go out and grab the nearest guy to have a relationship with, I maybe could do it.. but I don't want to settle. If I find someone amazing, then it will all fall into place. I'm not rushing into something false!

Blogging this year has pretty much gotten better. With having now reached 900 followers by the end of 2010, it makes me really happy to think people can relate to me and enjoy what I do and write about. I wish I could blog more, but everyone is so understanding about my sixth form and job, and I just want to say a huge thankyou. It doesn't even matter to me about how many of you read it, whether it's 10 or 900, I'm just grateful that you guys take the time to read it and I'm sorry I can't always come and check out everyones blogs. Alot of the time I do, but just don't comment, and I think I should o that more in 2011. And thankyou especially to all my regular readers, I know who you are that comment almost every post and I just want to say thankyou so much guys. You guys aren't just 'followers', you're blogger friends too, and to all the new friends I've made over chatting on twitter and such.. Just thankyou so so much. I hope I can keep it going smoothly in 2011!

New years resolutions :
1. Look after myself - After having this job I'm worn out, cranky, angry, emotional and downright tired. I need to look after me, and make sure I get enough sleep and have enough time for myself to just breathe.
2. See my friends more - I see them at sixth form, but I feel like this year I haven't seen them enough!
3. Go out more - Like to the cinema, clubbing, pubs, that kind of thing. I'm a homebody and I need to go out and let my hair down.
4. Declutter my life - With the people I don't need, the clothes that I DEFINITELY don't wear and the room that is always a mess.
5. Be an optimist, not a pessimist - This speaks for itself. I want to be a positive person start 2011, because lifes too short to be moody.
6. Be organised - Everyonen has this on their list, and I think this is the number 1 for me!
7. BLOG MORE! - Enough said!
8. Don't be afraid - Of what people think, and especially when it comes to fashion. I've played it safe alot this year and next year I just want to experiment.
9. Take more pictures - I have an amazing camera that I took months saving up form, and it is insured! So it's time to use it more!
10. Finally, just be happy. Because I have alot of people nad things that I am so lucky to have that some people don't, and I think I need to take the time to be more thankful for it. I know as a fashion blogger we can come across as materialistic, but I really am not. As long as I have my friends and family around me in 2011, everything will be alright (fingers crossed!)

Have a wonderful new year guys, I'll see you in 2011 :)


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