014 Share Sunday.

Listening to - We R who we R - Ke$ha
Reading - Vogue January 2011 issue
Watching - Scrubs

1. This was a scheduled post because I've been busy the past two days but it never turned up on the sunday for some reason, so this is belated and is now a share tuesday? But it's still going to say it was sunday, I don't know its stupid and I hate blogger but I'll just update you with what I've been doing..

2. I still haven't done any christmas shopping but I've written my christmas list and I'm going on my day off tomorrow.. that being said, I still feel like crap :(

3. I was sent home from work within the first 10 minutes because I was ill, and I didn't even say anything, my colleagues could just tell I wasn't my usual happy self. I went in yesterday even though I was coughing and sneezing the whole time, so they just thought I needed a day off, which I did. So I'm spendng it drinking beechams cold and flu (which tastes disgusting btw) and listening to lots of relaxing music. Fingers crossed I'm better for tomorrows shopping!

4. My mum has said I'm allowed a house party for my birthday.. I'm really excited/scared. I've had 2 before that went abit shit really, so hopefully this one will be fine, fingers crossed! I'm tempted to do a theme like 90's or something, but not sure yet. And I'm not sure whether to have it on the 7th or 8th, the friday or saturday. SO EXCITED. Give me some advice anyway, could do with some tips as it's been ages since I had one! And my mums house is tiiiinyyyy, so I need advice on how many people to invite etc :D And anything else I can do for my birthday? It's a pretty special one!

5. Theres going to be a new layout and a complete blog makeover going on within the next few days before christmas, new year, new start and all that! I'm really happy with all my ideas and there are going to be a few more features on the blog, such as 'style crush' and 'wednesday wishes'.. so keep tuned for all that :D

6. I'm running a new years contest pretty soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that :)


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