015 Share Sunday

{but not actually on a sunday because I forgot!}

1. Thats right, I literally just forgot! It's been christmas so I haven't really thought about my blog as much so it shocked me to look at yesterdays blog post and see it say monday and realise I'd miss my share sunday post! So it is a share tuesday (again!) Sorry about this. I'm so disorganised in life and when it comes to my blog it's no different haha

2. The picture is me with my pretty new moustache necklace haha, I love it! I recieved loads of necklaces off my mum for christmas in my stocking filler, and I can't wait to wear them all and add to my neverending collection of pretty trinkets.

3. For christmas I got lots of things, and you'll have seen some in the pictures in the previous post. It includes - Vera wang princess perfume, a SNUGGIE, A travel journal and passport holder and some various smellies. Lots of chocolate too! My main presents were a pair of wedges, but thats as much of a hint as I'm giving, and a NEW 22" LCD COMPUTER SCREEN. It's definitely a present I will use everyday and benefit from the most, I go on my computer all the time. I always watch my tv shows online too, and now on a big big screen! I previously had a 17"? I think and so it all looks so different, the dimensions are hard to get used to!

4. Work is good! I'm only a christmas temp and my placement is up on January 9th *sniff*. The work is quite hard and tiring, but I love love love everyone I work with, theres gonna be lots of tears!

5. I reached 900 followers last night when I got home from work and quickly popped onto the computer. All I can say is wow, and thankyou so much. You guys are so amazing and hello to all my new followers!

6. I'm still editing stuff on the new layout, but thankyou for such a positive response!

7. My christmas was amazing and you guys have left lovely comments, I'm sorry I haven't replied to all, I've had work (my number one excuse haha) and I have all the late shifts again, but I hope you all had a super duper amazing christmas, and I'll be posting about a few things I got in the boxing day sales (eeeee!)


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