013 Share Sunday

Listening to - Do it like a Dude - Jessie J
Reading - Nothing, I've had no time!
Watching - 90210

1. This is a subway shirt I bought for a £1 from a charity shop in camden, and the mug is actually my sisters, but I do love Camden! It's the best top in the world and says on the front 'However you feel whatever you want' .. and on the back 'we've got a sub for that' haha! It's the work shirt for subway and is now my cosy tee to wear to bed :)

2. Work has been getting busier as christmas is just around the corner and I've only just started buying christmas presents, argh! I'm really hoping that they come in time for christmas because it's mostly been done online. And I haven't had post in a very long time because of the snow!

3. Speaking of snow, apparently next weekend there is going to be some more! Yesterday was the first time I left the house without wellies on, so I'm a little miffed, but a snowy christmas sounds pretty sweet.

4. I went into primark before work yesterday and bought a few pieces for work. They have the best clothes for work, pencil skirts for a fiver and blouses for £6, and they're actually pretty good quality! Primark have also got a few capes in stock, which I am tempted to buy as I don't have one yet and theirs are £20? Or maybe £14 I can't remember haha. But take a look!

5. I'm slowly getting better with my organisation, but I've been feeling really ill over the past 2 weeks. I've booked myself to see a doctor but it is definitely to do with my awful diet, it's not been the same since I turned veggie.

6. I just finished watching a batch of the latest season of 90210 online, it was super duper good, but cause I watched it in a bundle I noticed that the stories were always rushed. But it was good good good and I'm happy to be catching up with some of my shows in my spare time!


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