TUTORIAL - How to do the 'pineapple'

There are many different names for it, the ballerina top bun, a high bun.. but my friend lucy mentioned it as a pineapple, and I think it's quite appropriate. I loved wearing my hair like this as I hate how dull it gets when wearing it down, and heres a tiny tutorial on how to do it :)

Start off with curly hair, I do it with straighteners and lots of messiness!

After lots of backmobing, push the hair up from the bottom and build it from the top.

After pushing it to the top, twist your hair into a bun. Not right in the middle of your head but just high enough to see your bun from the front.

Brush down a fringe if you usually wear your hair like that.

Then you are finished with the pineapple!.. Add a vintage scarf for added loveliness if you like :)


Do you like my little owl brooch?

£2 from a carboot, it's so ca-yoooooot :) The cricket-esque jumper was £3 from a charity shop.

I've been so tired and fed up recently and haven't had a chance to do any nice outfits :( I need to do all my christmas shopping too! I got paid tuesday so I'm starting online shopping but I'm scared it won't ccome in time for christmas because of the snow.. it's supposed to be starteing again next weekend :(

Hope you are all well and sorry for the lack of posts, it's such a shame because I have so many outfit ideas in my head! I'll try and get some up next week, thanks for everyones patience!


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