Best moments...

When i look back, im very satisfied,  many great things happend this year...I graduated, finally received my diploma, my great  friends are married now, we had amazing summer wedding parties, i celebrated my sixth anniversary with my gorgeous boyfriend, my first semester of master classes is already over and many, many other things....and of course i started this blog! I wanna thank you because, you showed me support from the beginning, and today after couple months i have almost 200 followers with google friend, i met great people since then ( some of them are bloggers too), i got my first press pass to attend Belgrade Fashion Week, Ice Watch made first giveaway on my blog, and i also got present from them for myself ( you will see it soon), i won those amazing Alexandar Nikolich pink pants, i got my camera, become a contributor to Belgrade street style....should i say something more?! Im very grateful, to my family, my love, my friends, to you guys! Thank youuu for your unselfish support!♥♥♥ Happy New Year !


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