February 2010: Celebrities Style, Makeup and Beauty.

My Februarys edition of people I have loved style, makeup and beauty wise :)
First up? Style

I have no idea what it is that I love about her, but it is genuinely her style more than her clothes, as I have come to the conclusion those two are different things. It's also the way she carries clothes off that no normal person could. I love her hair, her crazyness, and that she represents the quirkiness of British style. I really love British style and how alot of other countries just don't really get it, and she pulls it off so effortlessly! That chanel bag is also so gorgeous, it hurts to look at it!

Okay I'm going to be frank. I'm not a fan of Lily Allen *gasps* she comes across like a bit of a twat at times, I'm sorry. But I really liked her makeup at the Brits, she looked quite nice.
♥ Sometimes all you need is lip balm, go easy on the lips with heavy eye makeup
♥ A deep red colour will make any eye colour pop!
♥ make sure to use a deep black colour for a smokey look, 'Oil Slick' is in my alice in wonderland palette (or Jabberwocky) and is SUCH a good black!
♥ Bronzer on the cheeks is always a winner :)

I have always though Nicole Richie was beautiful, and since she went brunette, she has looked stunning. And then when I saw her on the front of blah magazine, I thought she looked amazing (after having two kids too!) The photos are really lovely and she looks very naturally beautiful :)

That's it for February! I'll be having my February favourite items and my February/March giveaway soon, It's gonna be HUUGE so please look out for that! :)


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