If I was Lady GaGa..

I would wear these clothes.

They aren't as 'out there', but my god are they unique! I am totally in love with these pieces, and I am seeing Lady GaGa live in June and think wearing something like these items of clothing would be appropriate. I mean seriously look at them!

They are quite pricey, but I understand completely why. They are handmade with obvious time and care and they are just SO stunning! My favourites have to be the monster and piano dress by far. Could you imagine wearing that to GaGa's concert? Immence.

The seller is someone on etsy by the name of 'devaniweaver' and sell lots of beautiful clothing, including a pretty unicorn dress top which is super cute!

I love stumbling across lovely little etsy sellers like this, that put their heart into their clothes. These clothes genuinely inspired me! I really hope I can afford a piece one day soon, how perfect would my wardrobe be with one of these in?

Sorry for the lack of replying to comments/posting/twittering/general being aroundness. I have started revising for my exams and have been focusing on my school work. But I haven't forgotten all my lovely online followers and friends and will reply to comments ASAP. Thanks so much for your patience. I've got London on monday with Hannah and Sammy from london rose and living in sin, I am TOTALLY EXCITED.
Oh and I am 8 away from 300 followers. Un-freaking-believable.
Love you all so much :)


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