My trip to london & Jasper Garvida.

Hello my lovelies! So you all very mcuh know I went to London for a fashion event thingy on monday, but beforehand I had a little shopping trip with Hannah @London--rose.
Here are a few of MY highlights :
♥ Getting stopped not once, not twice.. oh yes, 3 TIMES by people trying to sell us some stupid free beauty day blah blah. Was an inconvienience to say the least!
♥ Hannah getting SO much attention because of her suspenders! It was crazy, she is the bravest fashion blogger I know!
♥ Almost getting run over right at the beginning of the day, the car was so close to us!
♥ Hannah thinking she had lost ALL her cards and train tickets, then finding it in starbucks.
♥ Only for me to leave starbucks and realise I'd left my topshop bag IN starbucks haha. I found it thank god!
♥ My umbrella contastntly going crazy in the wind whilst walking down Oxford street, and being freezing.
And of course the whole event. It was all just lovely!
I bought a couple of things, just cause we spent ages in topshop and lost track of time! I'll blog about them ina future post :D

Anyway, here are a few pictures.

A pretty topshop display, I bought the floral tights on the right!


Look how pretty the food looks!


Pictures of Jasper talking and the bloggers watching (I look so bored on these pictures haha, I really wasn't at all!)

Here are a few interesting things about the lovely guy:
♥ He believes the staple item in any womans wardrobe is good lingerie, or LBD.
♥ He moved from Canada to the UK, stating that it was the best and most exciting decision of his life!
♥ His Au/Wi collection was inspired by the art deco movement
♥ His favourite piece from project catwalk that he made was the breast cancer dress, this was something that made him listen to the brief, rather than be a 'showman'
♥ The celebrity that excited him to see wearing his clothes the most was Liz Hurley
Please visit Hannahs blog, as she has more notes on what he said etc :)
Here are a few of the AMAZING things he made on project catwalk

More snapshots:


A good shot of mine and Hannahs outfits!


Me, Sherin, Harriet, Claire and Fiona :)

Just want to thank all the PR people, it was such a lovely event, and I am being totally honest in saying Jasper is one of the loveliest people I've ever met! I actually LOVE Project Catwalk, which was the show he won, so I was particularly excited to meet him. His clothes have this amazing structure to them, and the embelishment dresses for me were the nicest :)
And thanks to Hannah who took me round Oxford street before the event aha, was such a lovely day, And to all the bloggers I met -
Sherin, Harriet, Claire, Fiona and Reena. :)

Hope you all have a lovely week folks, it's the easter holidays for me starting friday. I'll hopefully have more posts but of course I have my lovely revision to get on with haha :) But thanks for being so patient with me! Oh and..
I HIT 300 FOLLOWERS..Un freaking believable.


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