Today.. was a good day.

Oh Thursdays. Last thursday I had the thursday blues, not anymore! In a ridiculously happy mood for some reason. Probably due to the fact I had one lesson as my other teacher wasn't here and I ususally have afternoons off! So I relaxed having a nice chat with my friend Alicia, and got home at lunch.
I love having lots of spare time. Means I can relax with a nice film and a cup of tea, perfect ♥

This is how I wore my hair today. I have long hair and I ususally just curl the ends as my hair is pretty naturally wavy. But today I wore it up with lots of grips and it turned out like this.

Oh, hello pretty £1.50 brogues! Haven't worn them for a while!
By the time I got home it was a mess, I think having long hair makes it weigh the grips down more, and I only had about 20 in. I love the look though, It looks better like this as because I have black hair, if it's down on a black dress, it doesn't *really* look as good.

ALSO! It is very sunny today and I sat across from some really hot guy on the bus. He was also reading Jane Eyre. I swear he's my soulmate haha. I accidently brushed passed his knee as I got off the bus however, which made me feel very awkward but still. My day has been lovely.

How has yours been my gorgeous followers? :)


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