PLEASE put some clothes on.

So this is a topic that annoys me about alot of the women in music at the minute, specifically in the UK. Girl bands in the UK dress like sluts. There I said it. And one band brought on my annoyance fairly recently.

Oh sugababes. Since bloody Amelle came along (Yeah, I'm blaming her) they've turned into right slaaaaaaaaags.

It's not just their appearance either. They've had songs like 'Get Sexy' and 'About a girl' which are 'sexy' songs. Back in the day, they used to have songs such as 'Ugly', which was one of my favourites! Which actually speaks to me as a person, and makes me all happy and stuff. I don't really care how sexy you are sugababes, and yeah it's a catchy song but it doesn't have any substance.
They haven't always been prim and proper, I know that. But before they were unique. Mutya in particular was abit out there and although she would wear things maybe a bit risque, she didn't do it in a generic way, if that makes sense? Lady GaGa dresses crazy ALL the time, but she does it to be unique, and shes naturally sexy when doing it. When girls dress sexy in a stereotypical way, it just makes them look slutty. You know what I mean?

(Before and after shots)

The sugababes are now just another girl group that is 'sexy'. I have nothing against that, I mean, if you were in a band you'd want to look hot etc, but I feel that with now 3 British girl bands portraying such an image, will effect so many young girls self esteem. I can't hold them responsible, like their actions shouldn't be to blame, they can do what they want. But I am so sick and tired of seeing woman all look the same, sexy, perfect. And to be perfectly honest, no one in girls aloud can sing and The Saturdays are OK, but the only talented one really is the front woman. Molly from The Saturdays sounds AWFUL. Literally was just put in the group to be sexy, lets not lie!

I know I've picked 'sexy' pictures on purpose, I won't lie, obviously they don't look like this in every picture. But it really pisses me off. I want powerful women who dress how they want (whether it be sexy or not) for themselves, not to look good on front of an album cover or to appeal to guys.

Beyonce is sexy, but I would never call her slutty (But it her video for 'videophone' she does look abit like a slag aha) because shes so fierce and is naturally sexy.
These girl bands are just a stereotype for what people in Britain want for women in music, eye candy.
I have nothing against Pixie Lott (except her HUGE amounts of makeup) but if she wasn't so hot, would she be as famous? I mean fair does she has a good voice.. but if she wasn't this hot young thang', would anyone care?

Theres also been reports of how skinny girls aloud have got. Now I believe that although they are role models, they are still people in their own skin and they should be able to be how they want without having to worry what others think, I mean.. responsibility for young girls is hard. BUT being that skinny DOES present a bad image and not just that, but it isn't healthy AT ALL. The whole skinny debate is a silly one to have cause lets not lie, all celebrities are skinny and 'perfect'.

ALSO Lady Gagas new video for 'telephone' (I know you've all seen it) I am in two minds about. Yes, okay it is art, and I always respect her for having artistic fashion and stuff, but the video just came across very slutty. Like I understood the art of it and all.. but still. It was alot sluttier than other things shes done, but I guess she wants to push the boundaries. And in a way I feel that is more acceptable when it's art, and I don't know why, but thats just me!

It really worries me sometimes, because personally I don't get effected, but I know so many people do. My own sister said she doesn't like reading fashion magazines cause it makes her feel self conscious about herself. It actually upsets me that anyone would feel like this, and its just a huge viscous circle.

What do you all feel? I know it's abit off topic, but it has been bugging me for SUCH a long time! Please lemme knew your honest opinions :)

P.S. I'm off to London to meet Jasper Garvida on the 29th! If any of you are going, drop me a comment. I'd love to know whos going as I love meeting fellow bloggers!


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