February 2010 : Favourites

I wasn't going to do february as I'd left it late and hadn't thought of anything really, but I like that I've kept up with my monthly stuffs :)

So heres the loot, sorry for the crap quality. I'm so bad at taking pictures ha!

Aussie shampoo, Collection 2000 eyeliner, Owl necklace, Snowcake soap, So? sinful perfume, Trick and treatment concealer.

Snowcake soap by lush.
It has been my favourite ever since I was little. My sister got a chunk of this free after christmas sales and swapped it with me for tramp showergel, and I looove it. The smell is gorgeous and it reminds me of christmas. Of course it is not to everyones taste! It smells like almond cookies.. YUM! :D

Fast stroke eyeliner by collection 2000
My favourite liquid liner ever! Not just cause it is a mere £2.00, but it has a perfect brush and perfect black colour, and it hardly smudges! Obviously it is different for many people, but I love this kinda brush, and I have been wearing top liner alot more recently.

Owl necklace from primark
I know this isn't beauty, and you've all seen this necklace before, but I've been wearing it loads recently! I love owl and this necklace is just so cute!

Trick and treatment conceleaer by soap and glory
This was brand new in box, 50p from a carboot! I know, crazy! And yes, I'm aware it's not my skin colour, but for some reason, it just really works on my bags. I have awful bags and this is a really great concealer for them. I know a few people who have used this on a darker skintone and liked it, and people on a light skin tone and hated it. I'm not sure why, but it works for me, so I'm happy :)

Aussie shampoo
To be quite honest this isn't the greatest shampoo, and I have only been using it because hey, it was free. But THE SMELL. It is SOO good, literally cannot get enough of it. I think I'm going to check some Aussie products out, maybe for a different hair type as this one clearly ain't for me, as the smell is just amazing!

so? sinful perfume
So? perfume range was my favourite when I was younger! Cause it was just cheap and smelt really nice. Well, my little sister got me this cause I kept stealing hers aha and I love it! It's my favourite one from the so? collection and easy to just pop in my bag.

Oooh and finally, my fashiony items I've been wearing..

I LOVE my new asos bag, and the brogues match perfectly. They look so good with a pretty dress and tights, can't stop wearing them :)

That's it for the month.. anything you've been loving in February (I know, it was ages ago ahaha!)


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