What a nice surprise.

I've been feeling quite good recently. I'm excited about going to London, I feel like my work ethic is alot better and have been revising my bum off, and I have sold lots of stuff I don't wear anymore and got a whopping £112!
So I as I went downstairs today and saw a package that was priority mail, I was super excited as I knew exactly what it was!

The lovely people over at Eclectic Eccentricity told me they wanted to send me some goodies as a thankyou for the post on them on my blog, and I was so happy and just presumed it would be some lovely earring or something small like that.


I was crazy happy when I opened the first one. It was a BEAUTIFUL pink rose necklace, with little rosebud earrings to match. I am very girly and pastel pinks are one of my favourites. I couldn't believe they sent me something so nice. OH and I didn't take a picture of me with the earrings as I just completely forgot.

But then I realised that there was ANOTHER box inside. And yes, when I opened this, I let out a little scream.


AHHH! Remember how I said I would marry the person that would buy me this necklace cause I love it so much? Well, I won't marry them, but the people down at EE absolutely MADE MY DAY. It is such a beautiful necklace, and I'm probably going to wear it to London and most days to be honest!

When I posted about them before, I couldn't say whether they were genuinely good quality or whatever because I didn't own anything from them. But I can honestly say you can tell that these people put effort into their jewellery. From the cute boxes that say eclectic eccentricty, down to the actual items themselves.
I also want to point out the gorgeous dress I'm wearing is my absolute favourite at the moment, however it is very sheer. I don't know whether to just wear nude knickers and bra or a underdress? Ah well, not sure yet but I LOVE it. I'm wearing some pretty colours on my eyes too (from the alice palette, Drink me eat me, Muchness and Mad hatter) but I didn't really go too close up.

Just want to say the feedback on my last post was incredible, and I am glad that alot of peopel feel strongly about the subject! :) Have a lovely weekend my darlings!


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