These boots were made for walkin'

I think it's safe to say that although I do not have a particular style (in my opinion anyway), I am very girly.
So how I have come about having 3 pairs of punk styled boots is beyond me!
Please observe -

Sorry that the pictures are very dark, I took them at like 5, which is crappy lighting all over!

I have mentioned these before, and I love them so much! I don't wear them with dresses as I haven't really got the 'punk boots with girly dress' look down yet, but they are so pretty. They have one stud missing :( and have been used quite alot as you can see! They were £17 from primark.. the last pair left in my ever so small size 3 size, so it was meant to be <3 haha. They have NO GRIP WHATSOEVER. These were the only proper boots I owned whilst the snow was chilling back in Jan, so I literally was slipping everywhere. Not. Good. However these babies are beautiful so I'll forgive them haaa :)

My lovely friend Roma was telling me how she had some doc marten lookalikeys that didn't fit her and when she showed me of course I tried them on. They fit perfectly and looked pretty awesome, so she let me have them! I was so happy! These are definately boots I wouldn't pick up myself, but she got them for £4 from a charity shop, the inside is pretty nice too ;) I wore them with my black and red check shirt (incase anyone knows which one that is) with my geeky glasses and tights to school. I looked very emo, it's safe to say, but I liked it.

These are my newest collection and haven't been worn. I saw them and fell in love, but now I have no idea what to wear them with! They were £16 (and £4 postage) off of ebay and originally Primark! I really wanted worker boots but thought that they all looked the same and I wanted a feminine touch, and the heel does just that, Plus, being 5 foot and all, I could do with the height! And cause it's a fairly low and chunky heel, it's perfect for daytime.

So now I have 3 pairs of punky styled boots and have no idea how to diferentiate the ways of wearing them.. argh aha!
Sorry for the boring post, I will have my contest up soon, promise! Schools just getting under my skin and I'm just tired ALL the time!


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