Urban Decay: Alice in Wonderland Palette

I have never owned an urban decay palette.. so why not make my first purchase this BEAUTIFUL gem?

I know it sold out online pretty quickly, but I'm sure they go in stores today so I would go and check out your nearest Debenhams :)
The pop up art is absolutely stunning.

The colours are really pretty, and I think its the best palette out of the collection to get.

My favourites colours thus far, definately have to be 'Absolem', 'Mushroom', 'Mad hatter', 'Alice' and 'Jabberwocky' I haven't actually swatched them or anything yet. They are just TOO pretty!

I have swatched the liners however.

I am not much of an expert on kohl liner, I buy a cheap black one usually. But These liners have AMAZING staying power. They won't even come off my hand! I had to wash them! The blue is a bluey green, and it is so so pretty!

And finally, the cute baby Primer Potion!

Compared to the full size bottle, it's a baby! Look how cuuuute it is!

So overall, It was £28. I really really recommend this palette. I know it is alot of money but it is limited edition, so if you can get your hands on one, you will be very lucky!
Would just like to thank lipglossiping, for keeping us UK-ers updated with when it is coming in stock, debenhams vouchercodes etc. She got a first look at the palette a while back and has a very thorough post on it here.

My contest will be up mid march, because it is a February/March contest. It's gonna be huge! So look out for that :)


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