From Russia, with love.

I recieved a lovely email from about a contest they are running.
"Post up a picture of you or a chosen model (rope in a friend if you like) showcasing your very best bargainista outfit."
Now you all know I'm a carboot and charity shop fanatic, most things I buy are barganous. So I decided to do my most recent and favourite 'bargains'.
The main bit of the outfit is expensive, but SUCH a bargain for what it is. Observe.
You like?
The russian style hat was £2.75 from a charity shop and I really wasn't sure about it, but bit the bullet anyway. I had seen this pretty blonde girl wearing one before and thought it looked amazing on her!
The coat thing is uh-mazing. It has shoulderpads, pleats, a beautiful tartan pattern. Best of all, it is VINTAGE, from America and cost a lovely £25 (inc P&P!!) It was bought off ebay, but is in amazing condition!
The suede brogues you've seen before and were £15 from ebay and the belt is probably primark or something.
I look kinda chubby on the pictures cause I'm wearing layers, it was freezing out! But I look very lumpy-and-bumpy haha. Sorry about that.. & the coat could have done with an iron!

So this is my entry, and I really loved the idea of it and the prize is 2 VIP tickets to a club lounge at LF weekend. And second prize is a not-too-shabby £50 topshop voucher!
Also, I genuinely use vouchercodes all the time, I used it to buy that brown satchel bag a few posts down (yes, I actually bought it!) and got myself a lovely 20% off at ASOS through the site. So if you haven't already, check, they have vouchers for pretty much ANYTHING.

My number one bargain hunting tip is -
Finding vintage in charity shops/carboot sales is VITAL. For one, they are totally in style right now, and for another, most pieces are almost unique! Vintage sells for alot of money these days, so unless it is BEAUTIFUL (like my coat up there ^) then it's probably not worth it. Also, if you get tired of it, selling vintage on ebay can be a big market, so you can make a nice little profit if marketed well :)

Hope you liked this post my dears, and my new purchases. I feel like I'm from Russia (hence the title) in the hat and coat. I'm not sure why. Have a lovely weekend!


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