January 2010: Favourites

Here are a few thing I have been loving this January!

♥ Beauty -

Large hair rollers.
The ever so beautiful zoe mentioned that she uses these sometimes to get her hair more volumised. She has the most gorgeous hair I have ever seen! I recommend getting them, just to add volume at the crown of your head, especially if you don't wanna tease all the time. I got 6 (even though theres 3 here.. I can't find my other 3 haha!) off ebay for like, £2.50? They're huoooge.

J'adore dior:
I love the smell of this, and I love the bottle. Enough said really! It's pricey, but I think it's one of those 'splurging' perfumes. Valentines day anyone? Look at how much I have left! *sniff*
(The black specs are paint, I have no idea where from aha)

Soap and glory 'The righteous butter':
It was in my mini soap and glory gift set thingy, and Its my go to body butter for January. To be honest, it is just because I keep forgetting to buy my regular body butter (palmers cocoa butter) so this one was all I had! It's really cute to pop in my bag however and it does the job. And it smells yummy :)

Tressemme heat defence:
HG Heat defence stuff, can't go wrong really. I love the bottle, how it's a spray and it's a very light product, so you aren't making your hair all sticky. I use this mainly for straightening, but I do not straighten that much nowadays, so this bottle has lasted ageees (300ml) It's also pretty cheap, I've had it a while so I can't remember how much it is, sorry! You can find it in any boots and probably superdrug.

♥ Fashion -

Handknitted Cat hat:
It's a copycat of the topshop one that sold out straightaway! I got it off ebay and I wear it all the time. It's so so cute! (excuse my weird face on these pictures, I was having an 'every picture looks dreadful' day haha)

To be honest I haven't been consistant with my clothes except for this hat (damn you winter snow) so this is my only fashion for January haha. That's awful isn't it? I must start wearing things more than once and then forgetting about them. Ahh dear.

Hope you enjoyed my favourites, and I have some exciting news regarding clothes I'm going to be selling in my shop (I'm on abit of a hiatus at the mo due to schoolwork!) and it's all rather exciting! Also, if any of you live in Barnsley or near there, I'm going to be a seller at a vintage fair. If you want more deets then lemme know!


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